Women’s Road Rides

Come out and join us for a no-drop ride that will work on group riding skills development. Some experience riding in a group is required however each week we will focus on a new skill and reinforce skills from the previous week. Haven’t ridden in a group before? Check back for details on our skills clinics later in the season and then come join us for a ride!

What is the pace like?

The group leader will set pace and it may change depending on conditions and rider turnout. It is expected that riders maintain an even pace and will be encouraged to do so. For those looking for some extra fitness, individuals can take longer pulls on the front, or there will be an opportunity for some sprints/regroup on some rides. This is a no drop ride with no woman left behind! So a pace that the group can safely maintain will be the goal.

How far will we ride?

Distances will range between ~35-65km. Starting times and locations can be found in the calendar.

What kind of bike should I have? What else do I need?

  • A functioning road bike and helmet. If you haven’t already, it is recommended to swing by and visit the fine folks at a local bike shop such as Algoma Bicycle Velorution or the Duke of Windsor for a tune up to make sure your bike is in proper working order.
  • Clipless pedals and clip in shoes are preferable but not required.
  • Riders will also need to be Sault Cycling Club Members prior to the ride. Pick up a membership here, or at a local bike shop (Velorution, Duke of Windsor, Algoma Bicycle) or come early and the group leader will accept your membership. Memberships are 30$ each, cash or cheque only.
  • It is also recommended to bring water, snacks/gels, and a basic maintenance kit with a spare tube, pump or CO2, tire levers and a multitool/allen key set.

What kind of skills?

This is a great ride for those who may want to brush up on some skills, or gain some more confidence riding in a group. Have your skills down pat? Share the knowledge and encourage other riders! Since we will have riders of varying abilities, it is expected that we work together as a group and help each other; communication will be an integral part of each ride. We will focus on skills such as communication, controlling your speed, changing positions and cycling through within the group amongst others.

Who is leading the group?

Hi Everyone! I’m Erin and I’ll be your group leader. A bit about me – I started cycling about 4 years ago after some repeated injuries running and never looked back! Since then I have competed in various O-Cup road race events and in duathlon. When I first started riding, I found that there were not many women’s specific rides available. While folks were always friendly to me and helped me along the way with the sport, I hope to provide a casual group atmosphere that provides some skills and opportunities I found lacking when I joined the world of cycling. Currently I work at Algoma Bicycle and am happy to spend my days talking about bikes, fixing bikes and riding bikes! I recently moved back home to the Soo and so far have had the opportunity to meet some fabulous female cyclists in town, and I hope to meet more of you!

Erin celebrating a great ride
Erin celebrating a great ride

Have more questions?
Contact Erin at ratelle.erin@gmail.com