SCC Executive: Road Director

Name: Shawn Pfister. 
Position: Road Bike Director

A bit about myself: I was never the sporty kid; I just never had that competitive gene. I picked up cycling several years ago to get some exercise and as a cheaper way to get to work than my car. As it turned out, I really enjoyed it (I mean, except for those first few weeks getting up Pim hill with legs not built for cycling and a grim determination that I could do it—spoiler alert: sometimes hills do get easier). In my free time I’m a writer with a few publications under my belt.

Interests: Besides riding my bikes, you mean? I’m chock full of out-dated pop culture references thanks to a love of old movies and TV. I’m an avid reader, writer and occasional artist. I like to cook and try new cuisine and I’m really enjoying the craft beer scene

Why I am a part of the cycle club: As someone who rode mostly solitary and mostly as a commuter, I didn’t join the club for many years, but once I started making use of the Hub Trail and knowing how much the club did to get it built, sending $30 their way once a year didn’t seem like too much. I really got involved back when Dan (Brosemer, current Gravel Director) was road director. There always seemed to be one new rider who couldn’t keep up with the group so somebody would have to hold back and ride with that person (meaning the new person felt like a burden and rarely came back), so he roped me in to help with that. I created a “C group,” mostly new riders to road cycling who hadn’t built up the speed, legs for hills or skills necessary to ride in a pack. My first year doing that, I had one rider every other week, but every year my group grew and grew and some moved up the ranks. I really found that I enjoyed helping get people comfortable on bikes and when Dan wanted to move to Gravel Director, I stepped in to continue my rides. I now plan the various routes for abilities of the different groups and get people (usually Dan) to lead the “A group,” while I still run a laid back, speed of our slowest rider, ride, hopefully getting more people hooked.

Why I love biking: I still think of myself more of a commuter or all around rider than a strictly road rider, but I love seeing things that I wouldn’t see in a car like little streams and animals and being able to go places I wouldn’t be able to go in a car. I’m more comfortable exploring the city when I know I can turn around pretty easily. I like being out in nature mountain biking, testing my skills (I can almost bunny hop!) and just being on the trails.