SCC Executive: Mountain Bike Director

Name: Brian Blaney    
Position: Mountain Bike Director

From SSM, been working in the utility industry since 2006 after graduating from Sault College. Been riding bikes all my life, from exploring neighbourhoods and SSM as a kid with friends to using them for transportation to work/school. Always been on 2 wheels of some sort.

I’m part of the SCC because Jan/Joel suckered me into it – they nominated me at an AGM. I was actually looking to be secretary…! I continue to be a part because I get to work with a group of passionate people who are constantly improving cycling in our area. It’s very humbling to work with such energetic, giving, fun people!

I love riding bikes because it takes me to places I never expect and it always can make me smile. I struggle with my mental health and find that I always come back from a bike ride as a happier, calmer person. Once I’m able to get out and be pedalling, the magic of bikes takes over and makes things better, even if only temporary. The feeling you get from cruising around and finding flow is something that everyone should experience. I love the people that I’ve met through cycling also – I have so many great friends because of the sport. The community here is something special!!