Road Ride Formats

Starting 2017, we will be cycling through different formats for our Wednesday night rides.  This is how they will work:


Nobody gets dropped!  If there are not enough people to split into groups, pace will target B-group pace (2.5-3W/kg or about 28-30km/h) but if we go slower to avoid dropping riders, that’s what we do.  Distance: 35-50km.


On a 1-2hr loop, we alternate between riding extremely easy and going all-out.  At the end of any all-out segment, we all stop and wait for the rest of the riders to arrive, then begin an easy section again.  It’s an interval workout with a social atmosphere!

Easy sections:  Pace will be easy enough that a single rider can pull the entire time and still feel fresh enough to contest the all-out segment.
All-out sections: Start and end markers will be clearly defined (“the end of the bridge after Bellevue Valley Rd”, “The Children Playing sign in front of the school”, etc.)  No pace limit during these sections, just do your best.  Open it up, you’ll have a chance to rest after!  Stop at the end as soon as it’s safe and wait to regroup.

Hill Repeats

These rides will follow a course that takes us over hills and we’ll repeat them several times.  As these will be 5-10min efforts, you’ll be working pretty hard, but then you get to descend and rest up for the next!

Points Laps

Over a short course, we’ll do many laps.  Each lap will be worth points for finishing order (1st = 10, 2nd = 7, 3rd = 5, 4th = 2, 5th = 1).  Add up your points from all the laps and go home with all the marbles!

Wednesday Night Worlds

Split into groups.  We should have plenty of people by Jun and Aug to form three groups.  The A and B groups will not wait for dropped riders.  The C group will be a no-drop ride but may sprint to the finish.

  1. A Group Pace: about 32-35km/h (3.0-4.0W/kg) / Distance: 40-70km
  2. B Group Pace: about 28-30km/h (2.5-3.0W/kg) / Distance: 35-50km
  3. C Group Pace: about 23-27km/h (under 2.5W/kg) / Distance: 1-2hrs depending on riders