2017 Goulais Ave Hill Climb Results

We just finished a successful revival of the annual Goulais Ave hill climb.  Congratulations to our overall winners, Ben (M) and Danielle (F) and a special mention to Joel for being the only one with the chutzpah to ride a fixed gear bike!  Jim was there with a camera, so we’ll post some photos soon.

Full results:

  1. 8:27 Ben Warnock (M)
  2. 8:38 Dan Brosemer (M)
  3. 9:22 Joel Wenham (M, SS)
  4. 9:29 Mika Jylha (M)
  5. 9:54 Javad Ghassemkhani (M)
  6. 9:55 Reg Peer (M)
  7. 10:42 Danielle Anstess (F)
  8. 11:00 Robert Symington-Jones (M)
  9. 16:41 Sarah Williamson (F)

Goulais Ave Hill Climb – 7:00pm Wednesday May 3 – McMeeken Arena

Come one, come all to the revival of the great Goulais Ave Hill Climb.  We’re starting at 7pm this week to give more time for various folks to make it.  Meet at the McMeeken Arena.  We’ll send people off one at a time, and I’ll conscript several of you to be timers (don’t worry, timers will have a chance to ride too!)

Though it’s a hard climb, you don’t need any specific equipment or skills.  I’ve even done it on a fat bike in the past!  Just come on out and have a good time regardless of skill, fitness, or equipment.

See the Events section on the Road Calendar for more information.

Remember that you must be a member of the club to ride.  Membership is only $30.  I’d appreciate it if you purchased your membership prior to the ride, but if you’re unable, please show up early and I’ll accept your registration.

Touring/Sportive Ride – Sunday, April 30th – Bellevue Valley

Here is the program for this Sunday:

  • Depart from John Rhodes at 10:30am or Hiawatha at 11:00 or Heyden at 11:20.
  • Ride to Heyden.
  • Turn right on 556 towards Searchmont.
  • Stay on 556 for about 10km then turn left on Bellevue Valley Road
  • Stay on Bellevue Valley Road
  • Turn left on 552 at Kirby’s corner
  • Back to town

Total distance will be around 62km.
Cheers, Jean-Noel Candau

Apr 26 Road Ride Route

Given the turnout last week, I expect to have enough riders this week to separate into two groups as long as the weather is reasonable.  The B group will have an opportunity to take it easy this week while the A group will have a fast-paced, but social ride with a little bit of pain in the form of three short hills.  Both groups will be no drop, but the A group will ride significantly harder.  Please select your group based on your goals for the evening.

If you are interested in leading either group, please email me at dan@brosemer.org.  I’d like to find a road captain for at least one of the groups and I’m happy to lead the other.

Remember that you must be a member of the club to ride.  Membership is only $30.  I’d appreciate it if you purchased your membership prior to the ride, but if you’re unable, please show up early and I’ll accept your registration.

A Group:  While this is primarily a social ride, I have designed it with several hills and I know we’re all going to want to storm up them.  When we come to these hills, feel free to break off and crush it, just soft-pedal and regroup at the top.  [Hills: Carpin Beach-3rd Line, Avery Rd-4th Line (2x)].  The route is a complicated one, so please read through the description and/or download the GPX to your head unit.  We’ll be doing a double loop on the Allen’s Side Rd hill which is hard to make sense of in the Google map.

A Route: North on Goulais and left on 3rd Line.  Down Allen’s Side Rd and out Base Line to Town Line.  Down Town Line, looping around and up Carpin Beach.  Climb the hill and head across 3rd Line to Allen’s Side Rd.  Climb up to 4th Line, ride across to Goulais and back down to 3rd Line.  Right on 3rd Line again for a second loop, head back up Allen’s Side Road and climb again.  This time across 4th line go all the way to Moss Rd and down to Korah Rd.  Korah to Goulais Ave and back to the McMeeken Arena.  Map: Google, GPX

B Group:  This will be an entirely social ride in the opposite direction from the A group on a slightly shortened course.  This direction spreads the climbing out more than the other, so the group can remain together.

B Route: North on Goulais to 3rd Line and right to Moss Rd.  Up Moss Rd to 4th Line and across to Allen’s Side Rd.  Down the hill and immediate right on Avery Rd.  Across to Maki Rd, down to 3rd Line.  Right on 3rd Line and across to Carpin Beach Rd.  South all the way to Herkimer, right, complete the loop up Town Line to Base Line.  Take Base Line across to Allen’s Side Road and ride up to 3rd Line.  Right turn and ride to Goulais Ave, finish back at the McMeeken Arena.  Map:  Google, GPX

Touring/Sportive Ride – Sunday, April 23rd – St Joe’s Island

Here is the program for this Sunday:

  • Departure from John Rhodes at 10:30am
  • Trunk Rd to 17B to Echo Bay
  • Left on Bar River Rd after Echo Bay
  • Cross the highway then right on Government Rd
  • Left Pumpkin Point Rd then back on Government Rd
  • Right on MacLennan Rd
  • Highway 17 to turn-off to the island
  • Take 548 to 4-corners then right to Richards Landing
  • Lunch at Richards Landing
  • Back same way

Alternate departure locations and time if you’d like a shorter ride:

  • For a 66km ride: Echo Bay at 11:30
  • For a 42km ride: Corner of Government Rd and Pumpkin Point Rd around 12:00

Hope to see you there.

– Jean-Noel