Hiawatha 2016 Cross Course Description


Designed by Jamie Capisciolto and Jason Luther

A Strava Map is available here.  This map might not be 100% correct due to the limitations of GPS.  I also had to double back on my second lap because I missed a turn.

The course measures 3.7km with 37m of climbing per lap (albeit I believe my GPS missed the elevation change on the sand-hill because of the down and up; so 37m might be grossly understated).  In any event it will be a physically demanding course.  It has some fast sections (suited for a strong rolleur).  It is not overly technical but it has some neat technical features that will prove decisive.

The course begins adjacent to the Registration Tent behind the Hiawatha Building (the Ice Cream Shop).  A wide straight hole shot towards the road will start the course with a swooping 180 degree turn which bottle necks to standard cross width along-side the hole shot (in the opposite direction) towards the baseball backstop.  The course will veer right to the exterior west side of the ball field and then enter “the Spiral of Death” in the interior of the field.  You will exit the spiral continuing the exterior of the ballfield making a left to the road.

Another quick left and take the road towards the backside of the 2km double track.  You will slog up the hill along the left side of the track (markers will divide the track) to the sand hill.  Your handling skills will be tested as you fully descend (the left side) to the bottom of the climb and then 180 back up.  You will then run up the other side.  God bless you if you’re able to stay on your bike and ride up.  I believe it will be faster to run.  You will be out of breath and second guess why you ever participated in such a contrived foolish sport.

Remount and head straight back down the back side of the 2k (it’s an out and back).  After descending you will make a hard left on the path that splits the ski trail (it will be marked) and head straight across to the other side of the 2k.  You will turn right here and then make another right (before the 1track trail – it will be marked).  This trail intersects with the 1 track mtb trail.  A left turn will be marked leading to another stretch of track that eventually leads to the main road (there will be a natural log barrier here).  

You will then veer left towards the track (the beginning part of the ski trail) and continue towards the Sault Finn building.  Continue along the exterior (between parking lot and ravine) towards the exterior of the Church property (there will be a double barrier along here).  

Stay on left side for short kicker up the crucifixes continuing to the sandy path at the top ridge of Landslide hill.  Continue to sharp right into sand pit (which we will ensure is un-rideable).  Remount quickly for sharp kicker up left side of Crucifix (this is a really steep loose line – it may be faster to dismount but I’ll let you make that decision – when you mistakenly unclip halfway up you will again curse this contrived bastardization of cycling…but it’s so fun).  Double back along exterior of Church back towards Sault Finn building.  Continue straight through the beginning of the Mtb trail (the one through the park) until you swoop left and adjacent to the starting hole shot.  Hard 180 right to finishing straight.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Fun Fun Fun.