Donut Derby

On August 29, 2018 at 7:30pm the Sault Cycling Club will be hosting our second annual Donut Derby!

Please arrive by 7:00pm to register so that we can start promptly at 7:30pm.

What You Need

  1. Sault Cycling Club Membership
  2. A bicycle (seriously, any bicycle — you’ll need a road bike if you want to win, but you’ll have fun on any bike that can go at least 4km!)
  3. A big appetite for donuts
  4. A sense of humor!


The 45min event will consist of laps on a short, 2km circuit on St. Joseph Island.  Everyone will start by completing one lap, then the donut eating may commence!  You will earn points for completing laps, for eating donuts, and for finishing in the top 3 on any lap.

  1. In order to count your donuts, you must finish a lap after eating them.
  2. If your donuts come back up the way they went down, you forfeit your donut count resets to zero.
  3. Donuts may be consumed while riding, but must be finished by the time you exit the marked feed zone.
  4. Ride for 45min or until all the donuts are gone, whichever comes first.
    1. No new laps start after the 40min mark.  Make sure you finish your donuts in time to get out of the feed zone before the time is up!


  1. 1 point for every donut eaten.
  2. 5 points for every lap finished.
  3. Points for first three finishers each lap
    1. 1st: 5 points
    2. 2nd: 3 points
    3. 3rd: 1 point


Entry is free for club members.  If you are not a member yet, please show up early to sign up at the event.  We will have blank waivers and pens available, but it will speed things along if you print and sign a waiver to bring with you.


Want to just come out and observe the silliness?  We need volunteers to:

  1. marshal intersections
  2. hand out donuts and water
  3. count laps
  4. take registration


We’ll begin from the dock on Gawas Bay Rd.  The feed zone will be the uphill section to Canoe Point Road, and we will simply be taking every right turn.

The route is NOT closed to traffic.  Watch for cars, pedestrians, dogs, horses, deer, and more and obey the instructions from the marshals at the intersections.