Road Skills Clinic Week 2

I’m super excited to kick off week 2 of the road skills clinic.  We’ll meet at 7pm at McMeeken Arena for a session on pace line techniques.  The double pace line drills are some of my favorites to do and they’re extremely rewarding!

This session builds upon week 1, but if you missed week 1, please show up a little early and I’ll try to get you up to speed.

You will need a current cycling club membership, a bicycle helmet, and a road, gravel, or cyclocross bike (drop handlebars).

See you there!

Road Ride July 17

We’ll meet at the Echo Bay Central Public School in Echo Bay to ride at 7 tomorrow.


The A-B ride will be a 40km with 2 sprint/regroups. There will be a sprint up  up the hill on Watson Rd. beginning at Ford Rd and ending at the top of the hill at the turn off for the dump. The second sprint will be up Laird Hill starting at the driveway to the white church and ending at the green mailbox long after the climb feels done.

The C ride will be a nice 23km loop of some of my favorite roads.

I hope to see everyone out there.

Road Rides now in Echo Bay

We will be moving out to Echo Bay and meeting at 7 at the Echo Bay Central Public School for our next few rides. 

Tomorrow’s ride will be sprint/regroups for the A and B riders. They will ride out together and keep a social pace until they get to the sprints, then they sprint and then regroup at the end of the sprint.

The Sprints are marked in yellow on the attached photo, but follow this link for the map. The first is the Hwy 638 climb from the first sign for Echo Lake Rd (with a left turn symbol on it and ends at the black mailbox on the right near the top of the hill. I believe the pavement also changes at this point.

Segment 2 is also a climb, Laird Hill, and starts at the driveway to the church between the bridge and the base of the hill and ends at the green Canada Post box at the fork in the road.

Section 3 is flat along Government Rd heading north starting at the intersection with Bar River Rd and ending at the Sign Ahead sign before Watson Rd.

For the C ride, I have a few favorite routes and they are mostly a choose your own adventure at a few intersections, so we’ll make up a ride as we go.

Two notes: firstly, the forecast is calling for thundershowers tomorrow and I will cancel if it looks like we’ll get them during the ride, so keep an eye out just in case. I won’t just cancel for rain, but I will warn people not to take sprints too seriously at that point.

The second note is that there were some roads washed out earlier this summer in the epic rains we got and I haven’t been out there to scan for anything. I don’t know the full road conditions right now, but I’ve heard that a lot of the roads are fixed. However, some roads may not be ride-able and there may be some turning around making the ride might a bit of an adventure.

2019 Road Skills Clinic

We are once again offering a road skills clinic for anyone new to group riding or looking to improve their group riding skills.  The lessons are progressive, so please plan to attend all 3.  Coach Dan has tips to help improve your technique.  The clinic will meet at 7pm at McMeeken Arena for the last three Tuesdays in July.  Please plan to attend all three weeks as the lessons are progressive.

Are you a skilled rider interested in volunteering?  We could use the extra help.  Please contact if you can assist with the clinic.

Week 1 – July 16, 2019

  1. Hand and vocal signals
    1. Road hazards
    2. Rider actions (turning, stopping, slowing)
  2. Bike handling
    1. Riding close to other riders
    2. Railway crossings
    3. Smoothly riding out hazards
  3. Bike check – checking your bike for common safety issues
  4. Group ride

Week 2 – July 23, 2019

  1. Paceline techniques
    1. Single paceline
    2. Rotating paceline
    3. Echelon
    4. Pulling through smoothly
    5. Slowing smoothly
  2. Group ride

Week 3 – July 30, 2019

  1. Cornering
  2. Climbing
    1. Transitioning in/out of the saddle
  3. Sprinting
  4. Group ride

552 Hill Climb!!!

You’ll have to forgive the excess exclamation points, but I’m just super stoked for the hill climb on Wednesday, mostly because I don’t have to ride it, but that’s beside the point.

Wednesday’s road ride will meet for 7 at the Aweres school as we have been and will roll out to the 552 hill. Everybody will ride down and then Dan will send everybody up one at a time to get their time. Once we get everybody’s time, we go down again, are released at corresponding intervals, and then, viola, everybody gets to the top at more or less the same time for a photo finish.

It’s a lot of fun. Come out and test your hill climbing skills.