Meet the Club – Director at Large, Jeff Coutu

Meet Jeff! Jeff joined the SCC Executive this year and is passionate about promoting bicyclists safety. We’re glad to have him as part of the team!

Name: Jeffrey Coutu
Position: Director at Large

I am a very recent member of the Sault Cycling Club Executive although I’ve been bicycling all my life. I am primarily a hard surface rider. I like to advocate for bicycling infrastructure as I’ve seen the benefits to communities that have good bicycling infrastructure.

I am nearing my retirement and hope to stay healthy by bicycling.

Trail Upgrade Approvals

We all ride the trails for the same reasons. We share a passion for mountain biking and being in the outdoors.

As guests of the trails, we need to respect the work that has gone into building a positive relationship with the landowners who allow us the privilege of building and riding trails on their property. The Sault Cycling Club works with the landowners of the various properties at Hiawatha Highlands ensuring that the proper process of making upgrades to the trails is followed to allow for continued access and safety for users.

The below picture is an example of what NOT to do on the trails. A rider(s) took parts of an old bridge that had been removed and placed it over a downed tree. It was not secured or installed properly and posed a safety risk to other riders. We ask that you please do not take it upon yourself to make changes to the trails without approval.

*️⃣ THE GOOD NEWS IS, WE CAN GET APPROVAL FOR TRAIL UPGRADES!! *️⃣ We are always looking for ways to improve our trails! If you have an idea and want to help turn it into reality, contact Peter or another member of the SCC Executive to discuss it. A great example of this in action are the new Bert and Ernie sections connecting Sesame Street and Stickman Drive. Gord had an idea, we asked for landowner permission, and now we’re riding! 😃

If you’d like to get involved in trail maintenance or building, please reach out to our Trail Director, Peter Henry.


Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge? Run or Ride 50 or 100 miles on Saturday, September 19 at the Hiawatha Bike Trails.

Event is open to SCC members.
Don’t miss out on your chance to prove you can do it!!! Become a member today by visiting our website.


Meet the Club! Director at Large – Ben Davey

Meet Benny Davey! He’s a Director at Large for the SCC with his focus set on trail maintenance and development. His goal is to make Bellevue Valley safe and accessible to riders of all skill levels.

Name: Ben Davey
Position: Director at Large

I have lived in Sault Ste Marie my whole life. I am happiest when doing something in the great outdoors and hanging with my amazing wife Sarah and our Son Wesley. I work as an Account Manager for an industrial water management company.

Interests: Mountain Biking, split-boarding, Trail Building, kayaking, hiking or camping.

I got formally involved with the Sault Cycling Club because I want to continue to see the growth of cycling in our community.

I am hoping to work predominantly in trail maintenance and development. We have a great opportunity for growth of the trail systems in the area. I have a specific focus on the Bellevue trail system as I have been working and riding for many years. I would like to see the trails officially adopted by the cycling club so we can continue to improve access and safety for all users.

SCC Bottle Drive

The SCC needs your help!

Our goal for 2020 was to have all of the Hiawatha Highlands trails signed to ensure they were easy to navigate and safe for riders of all skill levels.

Due to covid-19 and not being able to run our annual trails fest event, memberships are at an all time low.

In order to finish signing the trails with “You Are Here” trail maps, we will be running various fundraisers!!

If you’d like to help out, please save your empties (beer, wine, liquor)! We’ll provide you will drop off location details in the next few weeks! 🙌🏻

Drop off date: Tuesday, September 15
Please bag and # how many empties are in each 😊