Gravel Wednesday – St. Joseph Island

For our second Wednesday, we’ll be riding out at St. Joseph Island.  Meet at the Jocelyn fairgrounds.  Map: Google

We’ll start at 7:30pm to give everyone time to get out there since it’s a bit further than we normally go to start a ride.  Please bring lights.  We’ll almost certainly be finishing at or after dusk.

Our route will involve some well-groomed gravel, some pavement, and some sandy sections.  Map: RideWithGPS

Shawn will be there to lead a C-group ride that cuts off a few kms, but keeps in the section that usually has raspberries!

Gravel Ride September 4th – Echo Bay

This week, we’ll be starting up Wednesday gravel!  Meet at Echo Bay School at 7pm.  We’ll do about 50km.  Definitely bring lights, we’ll likely be back at dusk or later.

For the first time ever, we’ll have a C-group option for gravel riding, so if you’re looking to ride at a very casual pace, Shawn will be there to lead a group out.

There are a couple torn up sections of pavement on Pioneer and Government roads, so we get some bonus gravel!

Road Ride

Wednesday will be our Wednesday Worlds starting at 7. We’ll meet at the lighthouse in Richard’s Landing once again. 

The drop ride will start with a neutral roll out to the turn onto F&G Line, at which point the game is on. It will end at the Sportsmans sign at the top of the Gawas Bay hill climb, at which point you can neutrally ride back to town; no need to wait for everybody, though. Remember to obey traffic signs and ride safely. Here’s a copy of the map for anybody who may want it.

I will do a 20km C ride for those that want to ride more socially.

Women’s Road Ride postponed

I’m going to be the one, I’m going to be the one to chicken out. I’m canceling–postponing really, we’ll ride next week since we’ve had so few rides–tonight’s ride. We are under a warning for a thunderstorm and high winds (70-90km). Those are dangerous and extremely unpleasant conditions (I’ve ridden in them before) and the radar is showing this storm on it’s way with little chance of it deviating course. 

I apologize and hope this reaches everybody in time.