July 6 Wed Nighter – Route Details

Essentially a reversal of last week’s route.  Route options continue to be hampered by construction but the riding is still fantastic.

Rendezvous at La Terrazza Franzisi departing at 7pm. Exit Richard’s via 10th to F&G Line.  Left on F&G through to Canoe Pt and follow Canoe Point into Hilton Beach.  Right on Hilton and continue through La Coeur de L’Isle all the way to 548.  Right on 548. Right on A-Line.  Right on Boyles. Right on B. Left on C and tak’r home to Richards.

Stay for post ride fare and friends at Fransizi’s.

June 29 Wed Nighter on the Island

Rendezvous at La Terrazza Franzisi departing at 7pm.  Exit Richard’s Landing via the C-Line; right on B-Line; Left on Boyles Side Road; Left on A-Line all the way up to where it meets Hwy 548; then a quick left on Hilton; take Hilton all the way accross the Island down into Hilton Beach; continue left on Canoe Point Road until it crosses the Hwy at the F&G Line; F&G to 10th; right on 10th back to Richards Landing.

Stay for post ride fare and friends at Fransizi’s.

Wed Nighter – June 15 St. Joe’s Island

Ride will roll out of La Terrazza Fransizi in Richards Landing at 7pm.  Here’s the route (courtesy of Dan A – thanks Dan)

Depart the Landing up the 10th, left on F&G canoe point; continue on Canoe Point to Hilton; Right onto Hilton Rd then left on 10th up the mountain; right on p line, right on p line 548, right A line, right onto Boyles side Rd ,right B Line, left C line back into Richards Landing.

It’s not as complicated as it reads.  I suggest you glance at a map to get a better idea of the route.  That, or just keep up to the person in front of you…unless that person is John.

We’ll meet back up at La Terrazza for some good eats and refreshments afterwards.  Please arrive a bit early so we can give the restaurant our orders and numbers before the ride.

June 1st Wednesday Nighter

Ride Departs Crimson Ridge at 6:30pm.  I will not be able to attend due to conflict with Club Executive Meeting.

A few points before outlining the ride details:

  1. Tonight’s Route will include some hills and some gravel.  We will also have a route option for those not comfortable riding skinny tired bikes on gravel.
  2. The Golf League at Crimson is Wednesday Nights so the parking lot and road to the clubhouse will be busy.  Please by mindful/respectful of the golfers.  A reminder that we are not racing up the Crimson Hill (despite the fact that there happens to be a Strava segment there.  Exercise restraint folks; no one will think less of you for a slow segment time)

Red Rock Route (which includes a gravel section)

Fourth Line to Allens; south on Allens to Thurd; west on Third to Maki.  Make a right on Maki and slog up the hill.  There’s about a 7km gravel section before descending to Red Rock.  Please do not be a hero on the descent.  This is not the Giro D’Italia, we are not on closed roads and you are not Vincenzo Nibali.  There are some blind corners so please stay on the proper side of the road.  Make a left at the bottom of the hill and then continue to the end of the road before turning around and heading back.  Climb back up Red Rock continuing to Maki back to Third.  Same commentary applies descending down Maki.  Head back to Fourth line and the finish will top of the Fourth Line Hill.

Gros Cap Route

Just a simple classic Gros Cap Route for those who choose not to ride the gravel.  Head to Second Line (via Fourth/Allens/Third/Town Line); ride to Gros Cap and come back.

Have fun Everyone.  Sorry I can’t attend.  Island Ride will start sometime this month.


May 26 Thursday Nighter

First a reminder that starting next week Wednesday is the new Thursday.  Now for tonight: Depart Crimson 6:30pm.  We will head west all the way to Town Line via Fourth, Allen’s and Third.  Continue South on Town Line through Second Line (mind the stop sign please) to Base Line.  Head West on Base all the way to Walls.  South on Walls to Sunnyside; right on Sunnyside to the end and head back to Base, then take Base back to Carpin and head back North back up to Third, make a left on Maki and finish at the top of the hill were the pavement ends.  Social back to Crimson.