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RIDE or RUN 50 or 100 MILES!
This isn’t your typical ride or run. Challenge yourself to complete the 50 mile or 100 mile course!

When: Saturday, September 19, 2020
Where: Hiawatha Highlands

Event Details:

• Open to current Sault Cycling Club members. Not a member? Join our club today!
• Start and stop anytime you like. Restock when you need to. The course is not timed.
• Each lap is approx. 27 km. If you are planning to do the 100 mile, we recommend starting VERY early in the morning. 
• Ride on your own, or with your friends. Please remember to stay in your social bubbles!
• This is self-supported, so you need to bring everything you need for the ride with you and leave it in your vehicle at the Hiawatha parking lot. Lights will be needed to finish the 100 miles. 
• Follow the trail markers on the Crystal, Pinder and Red Pine Trails.
We recommend following them in the direction they are signed – but you can complete your 50/100 miles on whatever trails you like! (Ex. Do the Whole Enchilada x 3 for the 50 mile course, or Do the Crystal once, 5 Red Pine loops and 3 Pinder loops. You’re total miles are what is important!

The SCC will have a tent set up for a portion of the day to cheer you on! Note: We will not have any supplies on hand, so come prepared!

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Course Completion:

  • If you finish while the SCC booth is still set up, you will receive your token of achievement!
  • We will review your Strava / Garmin to ensure completion.
  • For those that finish later, we ask that you submit a screenshot of your ride: to
  • We’ll let you know when your token of achievement can be picked up from your local bike shop!

Course Maps:


13 Hills. One Ride. Can you climb them all??

Through the month of September, the Sault Cycling Club will host this self timed event where entrants must ride all thirteen hills in one (six hour or less) ride, choosing their own route to complete them. Hill segments will be timed but not the rides between them.

Landslide Rd, 3rd Line, Old Garden River Rd, Old Goulais Bay Rd, Brule Rd, Crimson, Goulais Ave, Maki Rd, Red Rock, Allen Side Rd, Carpin Beach Rd, Town Line Rd, and Prince Lake Rd.

Entrants Must:
1. Be a Cycling Club member.
2. Ride between all segments.
3. Ride the same bike. Equipment changes are allowed for mechanical failure, but not for any advantage (ex: you may change a tire if the sidewall is cut, but not to switch between road and gravel for a different hill.)
5. Submit only one entry.
6. Complete the ride in 6 hours or less.
7. Obey all traffic laws.
8. Complete the ride in September 2020.
9. Post their ride to Strava and submit a screenshot to

Prize Categories:
Fastest Rider 
Shortest Route 

Worst Weather Finisher
Youngest Male & Female to Finish
Secret Award


Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge? Run or Ride 50 or 100 miles on Saturday, September 19 at the Hiawatha Bike Trails.

Event is open to SCC members.
Don’t miss out on your chance to prove you can do it!!! Become a member today by visiting our website.


Sault Cycling Club Annual General Meeting

The SCC AGM will be held Thursday, February 27, 2020 from 7 pm to 8 pm at Mulligan’s Irish Pub. We will be reviewing key information from the 2019 year and updating membership on our outlook for 2020.

At the AGM we will have a number of positions up for election for the executive. We ask that you try to supply nominations for these positions by the Wednesday, February 26, 2020 end of day to allow for optimal use of our meeting; however we will take nominations the day of if needed. You can submit a nomination with this online form or complete a paper copy that can be returned to the club by sending it as a picture to:

Positions up for elections 2020
  • President
  • Media/Social Platforms Director
  • Fat Bike Director
  • Mountain Bike Director
  • Touring Director
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large

Also arrive early 6:15 pm and enjoy a ride on the trails at the Sault Country Club prior to the meeting.

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