RACE #3: Turkey Cross at AlgomaU

Turkey Cross is back at Algoma U

For the second year in a row Algoma University is hosting the third event of the Sault Cycling Club Cyclocross series.  This year’s race takes place on Sunday, October 9th on the Algoma University campus.
This year’s course will be a little longer and a little tougher than last year’s. It has been designed to be fun for racers and spectators alike.
The schedule of events for Sunday is as follows:
10:00 Registration open in the George Leach Centre. Course is available for pre-riding.
11:00 “B” Race start and SpeakEasy Opens
12:00 Kids race
1:00 “A” Race
Earn your turkey this year, come on out and race Turkey Cross.
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RACE #2: St Joes Island

Race 2 of the SCC Cyclocross Series is this Sunday September 18th at Jocelyn Township Park on St. Joseph’s Island.  We will kick off with a Madison (Relay) B Race at 10am (45 minutes).  The Kids Race will follow at 11:15 and we will finish off with the A Race at 11:30 (45 minutes).

Check out the course map on Strava

Hiawatha CX Race Day

Sunday saw the first Cyclocross race of the season and it was a great success, Some may say the weather was too nice for a CX race but our racers managed to find ways to suffer anyways.

“A” Race Results

6 laps

Jan Roubal
Paul DeBeer
Jamie Capisciolto

5 laps

Joel Wenham
Greg Hughes
Steve Demidovich
John Santana
Joe Baldock
Gavin Grant
Dan Ableson


Detlef Bernt 1 lap completed (injury retirement)
Taylor Beauregard No laps completed.

“B” Race Results

4 laps

Seth Roubal
Dan Ableson
Jan roubal
Peter Henry
Danny Galarneau
Dan Brosemer
Danielle Anstess
Gavin Grant
Andre Riopel
Tony Talentino

3 laps

Joel Wenham
Sarah Williamson
Jaroslav Roubal

Taylor Beauregard

Thanks to Peter Henry and Jim Dew for the fantastic pictures


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Date: Sunday September 11, 2016

Thank you for participating in the 2016 Sault Cycling Club Cyclocross Series.  Race #1, Hiawatha Cross, takes place at Kinsmen Park.  

Race Instructions

Course Description

Please refer to Course Description Document and check out the map on strava


Registration opens at 12:00 noon and closes at 2:00 pm.  Please make note of the start times and ensure you arrive in plenty of time to register.  All participants must be Sault Cycling Club members; membership forms will be available at registration at a cost of $30.  Children under 10 shall pay a membership fee of $10.  In addition to club membership, an additional Event Waiver must be signed at registration.  Your race number will also be assigned at registration

We need the race numbers and pins back for the other races in the series, so please leave them in the finish area when the race is over.

We encourage you to acquire your membership at one of our awesome Local Bike Shops prior to the event to make registration faster and smoother.

Race Times

Riders may begin pre-riding the course at 12:30pm.  Please stay off the course while other races are in process

B Race: 1:15pm (please line up at the start at 1:05pm)

The B race will be about 45 minutes long – the timing volunteer will announce “No more riders out” at the 40 minute mark. Riders on course will finish their lap. Placings will be determined by the most number of laps completed in the shortest time.

A timing volunteer will be tracking each lap completed. It’s helpful if you announce your number as you finish your lap, so we can be sure to count your lap.

Kids Race: 2:15pm – details to be provided at race start.  A short kids loop will be constructed within the interior field.  This is a fun event for kids and parents.  There will be no placings.  Numbers are not required but all participants must be club members and complete registration.

A Race: 2:45pm (please line up at the start at 2:35pm)

The A race will be about 60 minutes long – the timing volunteer will announce “No more riders out” at the 55 minute mark. Riders on course will finish their lap. Placings will be determined by the most number of laps completed in the shortest time.

A timing volunteer will be tracking each lap completed. It’s helpful if you announce your number as you finish your lap, so we can be sure to count your lap.

Points Series

We have introduced a points system to spice up our series this year.  Points will be accumulated throughout our race series to determine a Men’s and Women’s Series Champion.  Points shall be accumulated as follows:

  • 10 points will be awarded for participation (doubled if it is raining at any time during the day’s events)
  • Points shall be awarded to the first 6 placings of the B race (men and women) in order as follows: 10/8/6/4/2/1
  • Points shall be awarded to the first 9 placings of the A race (men and women) in order as follows: 25/20/15/10/8/6/4/2/1
  • Points shall be accumulated regardless of which race you participate in and will be transferred over if you decide to move up from B to A.
  • We encourage (though do not mandate) those who place highly in a B race to move up to the A Race at the next event; and ideally A Race calibre riders should not be participating in the B Race.  Let your conscience be your guide.

General Rules and Codes of Conduct

Please respect club rules.  A certified helmet must be worn.  

While we encourage you to support our Local Bike Shops and pick up a spanking new cross rig, mountain bikes are permitted.

Please respect the property.  Kinsmen and Bible Fellowship have generously allowed the Club to utilize their respective properties for this event.  This is also intended to be a family friendly event.

This is a friendly competition amongst club members, not the World Championships.  Please do not take any unnecessary risks.  In cyclocross, it is up to faster riders to get around slower riders safely. We have a lot of people of different abilities. Please be respectful of each other. Lapped riders will not be pulled from the course.

Bunny hopping is permitted on natural barriers.  Riders must dismount at constructed barriers.  Which barriers requiring dismounts will be explained at the race start.  Please do not compromise the course and please respect the work of volunteers.

The road is closed to the park, but there may be other park users on the course so yield to them at all times.

Have fun, ride safely!

And in closing, a poem, courtesy of Jamie

Could Jan be the Man?  He has proved to be the best;
Will K-Man be the “A” Man; after all he is the Pres;
Paulie’s got the legs to go so maybe he will get DaCheers;
Demo can rock it old school and he’ll do it  with just one gear?
Joel’s got a goal and you can bet he won’t be walk’n;
or will Phaneuf say Enough! and let his legs do some talk’n. 
I  have something to say as well  and am never short for puns; 
The Women’s field is also strong and not to be outdone;
Kimmy’s on the sidelines so will Jodie fill the script;
Daniel is sure to giv’m hell cause she won’t damn get pipped;
Luther’s got a revolution to nail it to the door;
When we’re through with Hiawatha Cross you’ll be sure to beg for more.
Whether you’re in it for the competition; or in it just for fun;
With cycling and community you bet we all have won.

Cyclocross season is here!

We’re starting to finalize the race schedule for this year, Entry for the series is the $30 cost of your Sault Cycling Club membership. We are offering a $10 kids membership again this year.

Here are the planned events so far

  • September 11 – Hiawatha – Registration is noon till 1:00. B race starts at 1:15 (45 minutes), kids race will be at 2:15 and the A race is at 2:45. The race course will be similar to last years with some fun additions.
  • September 18 – St. Joe’s Island
  • October 9 – Algoma University
  • October 30 – Crimson Ridge

A 5th race is yet to be scheduled

Keep an eye here and on Facebook for more details as we get closer to each event