Kids Shredding Singletrack (AKA Youth Mountain Bike Skills clinic)

Update: Hello everyone, due to personal schedules for coaches, we need to change the KSS night from Tuesday to Wednesday.  I hope that everyone who has expressed interest can still make it on Wednesdays.  I’m sorry about changing this so late, but we need our volunteers to run a fun and safe clinic for the riders.  


Kids Shredding Singletrack (KSS) is about to start our fall season. 
KSS is a weekly mountain bike skills clinic for 11 to 16 year old youth.

When: Wednesday September 11 –  October 16th (6 weeks), 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Kinsmen Park/Hiawatha (behind the ice cream shop)

A typical session will include a brief discussion and demonstration of a skill or technique, then we will divide into groups to ride the trails.  We will stop at features where they can practice and develop their skills.  The focus will be on fun, but there will also be some learning going on!

Parents are welcome to ride along and, depending on the number of participants, might be asked to perform a “sweeper” role, trailing one of the groups and assisting the instructor/leader as needed.

To participate, your child will need to:

  • be a member of the Sault Cycling Club ($15 for youths, $70 for a family membership), register here: Join our Club
  • have access to a mountain bike in good repair and
  • wear a helmet.

Kids will need to be fit and motivated enough to ride between 6 and 10 km of single track trail in an outing.

The focus will be on introducing the kids to fun and safe mountain biking.  The environment will be non-competitive and kids won’t be pressured to try any skill outside their comfort zone.  

If you are interested in having your child participate, please complete the KSS Registration Form and the KSS Bike Check Form (yes we need both forms, even if you are a returning KSSer).   Send these to by September 4, 2019.

Sean, Andre and I can hardly wait for our weekly rides!

If you have questions send me an email:

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The Whole Enchilada – 2019

The Whole Enchilada is back for a return engagement! 

Do you find yourself always riding the same trails at Hiawatha?  Do you know where Swoop, Stickman Drive and Drop Ahead are?  The Whole Enchilada is a series of rides to get people out to see and ride (with maybe a little walking) the entire Hiawatha trail system.  

This is a mountain bike ride for beginners and intermediates.  The only qualification is the ability to ride about 10 km in an evening.  No one will be left behind.  You may not ride every section of trail, but you will see it all, so that you can aspire to riding it all!

The plan will be to do the Pinder on one night, the Crystal on one night and to spread the Red Pine over two nights.  My goal is to help as many people as possible complete the Whole Enchilada before the snow flies.  To that end there will be multiple opportunities to complete each portion of the ride.

Scheduling will be a bit fluid as I try to schedule around home and work activities, but my aim is to have at lease four ride nights in August and 4 in September.   Depending on the level of interest, we will have repeat nights (e.g., if you missed the Pinder night, we could do a make up night later) and can do some weekend rides.

We will track our progress using the official 2019 Hiawatha Trail Passport.

Success will be measured by how many riders can say “I rode the Whole Enchilada!” at the end of the season.  Upon completion of your Trail Passport you will be awarded an official Sault Cycling Club 2019 Whole Enchilada adhesive medal (great for proudly displaying on your bike’s top tube).

Nightly Distance: 8-10 km

Bike Suggestions: Mountain bike or fat bike, helmets are mandatory

Supplies: hydration and snacks

Scheduling: approx. 1/week, first night Tuesday July 30, gather at 6:30 by the pump track in Kinsmen Park (look for the Sault Cycling Club banner).  

I will set up Facebook Events for the rides and would appreciate if you indicate your interest there, so I know how many to expect each night.

This ride is open to all, but if you are not a member of the Sault Cycling Club you will have to complete a waiver prior to riding.


Great Batchawana Adventure Rides – IMPORTANT DETAILS

Our latest great adventure is almost upon us…this Saturday is our inaugural Great Batchawana Adventure Rides.  Three rides, three great adventures…pick the one that fits your appetite for adventure:

  1. 70 kilometres – a full day’s ride for hardcore riders (e.g., for those planning to challenge Crank the Shield in August, or one of the other endurance events in the area) (approx. 7 hours) – 70km GPX File
  2. 40 kilometres – a serious adventure, that takes you to the Batchawana river gorge and the falls (approx. 5 hours) – 40km GPX File
  3. 20 kilometres – adventure for those with a lighter appetite, but still filled with some great riding to the gorge on the Batchawana river (approx. 3 hours) – 20km GPX File

With these 20km, 40km and 70km offerings (profiles below), there are options available for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Allowing for photo ops, hydration breaks and rests, we expect the rides to run in the range of 3 hours, 5 hours and 7 hours respectively.

The rides will start and finish at the Voyageur Lodge and Cookhouse.  Your ride will start with coffee and apple fritters at the lodge (included).  And at the end, you can purchase food and beverages at the lodge to enjoy while looking out over the waters of Lake Superior. If you dare, you can take advantage of the sandy beach and wash-up in the refreshing waters of Batchawana Bay, and if you stay late enough maybe a walk on the beach at sunset!

These will be no-drop rides. The terrain may be rough in places and there will be stretches of mud, sand and gravel. 40 and 70 km riders will also have the pleasure of wading across a few fresh meltwater rivers and creeks. The 40 and 70km rides are representative of the conditions you would face if you attempted Crank the Shield in August.

Be sure you have a mountain or fat bike in good working order and reasonable fitness for the ride of your choice. Be particularly certain you have working gears and brakes, and be sure to pack a few emergency supplies like a spare tube, chain link and the tools you need to make field repairs. Additionally, be sure to pack whatever meals, snacks and hydration you will need to last the amount of time you will be on the trail. Probably a good idea to have some fly repellent handy as well.

The first group out will be the 70 km group, leaving the Voyageur at 9 am followed by the 40 km group at 11 am and the 20 km group at 1pm.

Parking is available at the Voyageur Lodge. (Additional parking is available at Batchawana Provincial Park in the large lot by the visitor centre.  You can ride your bike through the park (north along the road parallel to the beach) until the park road ends after which you will need to ride a few hundred metres along the shoulder of Highway 17 to the Voyageur Lodge.)

Please arrive a 15 (or more!) minutes early so you can enjoy a famous Voyageur apple fritter before hitting the trail.  Consider arriving even earlier and having breakfast at the lodge.  

Ride leaders will be experienced and familiar with the trails but will not be responsible for your personal health and safety. Be sure to ride within your capabilities and make the right decisions so you and your group can enjoy a safe and injury free ride.

Please pre-register for your selected ride before Friday. 

To help Frank and Gail at the Voyageur, please let them know if you will be staying for dinner and refreshments at the Voyageur.  You can email them at

70 km

40 km

20 km

Maintenance day reminder – May 11th

The white blanket of snow is quickly being pulled back from our trails revealing the dirt and rocks that we all love. Come on out on Saturday to help get the trails and shape for a new season. We will be gathering at Kinsmen Park at 9:00 a.m. (behind the ice cream shop). (You can come earlier or later and I will try to match you up with some work if you want to contact me beforehand).

What to bring?

Prescription: leaf blow, rake, refresh in-slope turn.
  • Rakes,
  • pruning shears,
  • gas powered, backpack blowers (looking to have four – six blowers operating, we have 31 km to do!)
  • shovels,
  • pruning saws
  • Work gloves
  • Water, snacks

We will be out and about across the trails so you can bring your bike or choose to walk.

If you have any pressure treated fence boards that you are not using, we have a couple of feature repairs to do. I will need a couple of people to have Robertson screwdrivers (for sign replacements and feature work) hammers and vise grips (for removal of rusted fasteners).

Come on out for an hour, 3 hours or 6 hours! Learn about trail maintenance techniques and the many exciting trail related happenings in the Sault.

If you have questions…