Thursday Night Ride

  • Depart Crimson Ridge 6:30pm
  • Westbound on Fourth Line to Allens Side
  • Allens Side to Third
  • Westbound on Third all the way to Town Line
  • Town Line to Second Line
  • Second Line to Airport Rd
  • Turnaround at end of Airport Rd
  • Continue on Airport to Base Line
  • Right on Base and Eastbound to Carpin Beach
  • North on Carpin Beach (through Second Line) up to Third
  • East on Third Line to Allens Side
  • One full lap of Allens Side, Fourth, Goulais Third, Allens
  • Finish is Mailbox at the top of the Allens Climb
  • Soft pedal back to Crimson

Thursday night ride details

Ride will depart Crimson Ridge golf course at 6:30pm. Route is west on fourth line to Allen side road down to 3rd line. West on 3rd line all the way to town line, south on town line across 2nd line to base line. West on base line through Airport road to Walls road. Left on Walls road (south) , watch for loose sand and the bottom of the descent to sunnyside beach road, right on sunnyside to the turnaround and back the same route you came ending at Crimson ridge. Please join the group for a social gathering after the ride.

Touring/Sportive Ride – Sunday, April 31st – Gros Cap

The weather man says +14C, so here is the program for Sunday:

  • Meet at John Rhodes at 10:30am
  • Black Rd
  • Old Garden River Rd
  • Fourth Line
  • West on Fourth Line all the way to Allen’s Side Rd
  • West on Third Line to Town Line
  • Town Line to 2nd Line
  • 2nd Line to Gros Cap
  • Turn Around
  • Turn right on Dean’s Rd
  • Walls Side Rd to Base Line
  • East on Base Line
  • Right on Town Line and do the loop towards Carpin Beach
  • Back on Base Line and to John Rhodes
 Total distance is about 65km.


We will be departing the Crimson Ridge parking lot at 6:30 pm and head Westbound on Fourth Line until it curves into Allens Side.  Continue South to Third Line and continue to the Carpin Beach Road Junction.  Turn North on Carpin Beach and then left back onto Third Line (I know its a very weird intersection…but you should all be familiar with it by now).  Continue West on Third until it curves downhill to Townline.  Continue South on Town Line to Second Line and then ride an out and back out to Gros Cap.  Turnaround and come back the same way.

Depending on the numbers I will split groups up accordingly.  We will keep things civilized on this first night.  Faster Groups should be ride a sociable tempo (let’s say 30-32ish) and slower folks in the 25-28 range.  The goal is to re-acquaint ourselves with our carbon and/or steel and/or titanium and/or aluminum steeds.

The fine folks at Crimson will accomodate us with good food and drink apres ride.


First Thursday Night Road Ride of 2016 is set for April 7th.  Our rides will Rendezvous at Crimson Ridge Golf Course for 6:30 departure.  Course description will be posted prior to the ride.

As per the related news item, you must have your SCC membership before the ride.  We will not be accepting membership forms and payments at the ride so if you intend on riding please get your membership at our participating bike shops.  You will not be permitted to ride among the Club without your membership.

We have worked out an exciting new partnership with Crimson Ridge Golf Course and this will be our Rendezvous point.  After the ride we will have exclusive access to Tent Facility beside the club-house and a dedicated server for post ride food, beverages and socializing (same sort of arrangement they have with their weekly golf leagues but without the funny pants).

Our first ride will primarily be a moderately paced social ride.  I realize that has a different meaning for different people but for the Thursday crowd I’d say this would be a range between 27-33km/h.

After the ride I will outline my plans for the ride format for the season when we gather at Crimson.

If you intend to come or have any questions please send me an email at so I can give Crimson an estimate of the numbers.

  • Jamie