Road Skills Clinic Week 2

I’m super excited to kick off week 2 of the road skills clinic.  We’ll meet at 7pm at McMeeken Arena for a session on pace line techniques.  The double pace line drills are some of my favorites to do and they’re extremely rewarding!

This session builds upon week 1, but if you missed week 1, please show up a little early and I’ll try to get you up to speed.

You will need a current cycling club membership, a bicycle helmet, and a road, gravel, or cyclocross bike (drop handlebars).

See you there!

2019 Road Skills Clinic

We are once again offering a road skills clinic for anyone new to group riding or looking to improve their group riding skills.  The lessons are progressive, so please plan to attend all 3.  Coach Dan has tips to help improve your technique.  The clinic will meet at 7pm at McMeeken Arena for the last three Tuesdays in July.  Please plan to attend all three weeks as the lessons are progressive.

Are you a skilled rider interested in volunteering?  We could use the extra help.  Please contact if you can assist with the clinic.

Week 1 – July 16, 2019

  1. Hand and vocal signals
    1. Road hazards
    2. Rider actions (turning, stopping, slowing)
  2. Bike handling
    1. Riding close to other riders
    2. Railway crossings
    3. Smoothly riding out hazards
  3. Bike check – checking your bike for common safety issues
  4. Group ride

Week 2 – July 23, 2019

  1. Paceline techniques
    1. Single paceline
    2. Rotating paceline
    3. Echelon
    4. Pulling through smoothly
    5. Slowing smoothly
  2. Group ride

Week 3 – July 30, 2019

  1. Cornering
  2. Climbing
    1. Transitioning in/out of the saddle
  3. Sprinting
  4. Group ride

Gravel Series #2 – Echo Bay – Jun 17 @ 7pm

On Monday, we’ll have the second in our summer gravel series.  Meet at the school in Echo Bay for a 7pm start.  The ride will be on a mix of pavement, gravel roads, and doubletrack.

We’ll start with a solid pavement block to get to the best gravel by riding out Church St to get to Pioneer Rd which we’ll follow to Government Rd.  We’re in for a bit of a treat with Laird Hill and then we’ll head out Pumpkin Point Rd to get to our first gravel sector (Porchuck Rd).  We’ll loop back using the paved Reid’s Rd and on to a mix of gravel, paved, more gravel, and then doubletrack on Lakeview Rd.  After the doubletrack, we get spit out into a small residential area which we’ll wind through and end up at Hwy 17B.  After a short trip northwest on some good shoulder, we’ll turn right on Echo River Rd for one of the longest stretches of gravel around.  That’ll spit us back out at the school after a total of 50km.

We should have time to make it back to the school by dusk, but please plan for the unexpected and bring lights.

Route: RidewithGPS

First Gravel Ride of 2019 – Monday Apr 29

I will be hosting two gravel rides each month through this season. These will be no-drop social rides because they can tend to get pretty exploratory sometimes.

For each ride, I’ll publish a rough outline of where we’re headed, but we may well decide “hey, that looks interesting over there!” so bring your sense of adventure. Also, bring lights. You never know how long we’ll be out!

A gravel or cyclocross bike is advised, but we’re an inviting crowd. If you can keep up on a mountain bike or have the handling skills to tackle our planned route on a road bike, then come on out and have fun with us!

Be sure to purchase your membership before the ride. I will not be accepting cash or cheques at the start location this year since we can now purchase memberships online as well as in any of the bike shops.

This week, we’ll start at 6:45pm at the R.M. Moore school at the corner of Base Line and Carpin Beach Rd where we’ll head up to explore Creek Rd (and hopefully make it as far as the beaver pond) before turning around and doing the same on Prince Lake Rd. If time allows, I’d love to check out Marshall Dr as well.

First Cyclocross Race of 2018 – Hiawatha Cross – Sep 30!

The details are in! Join us at Hiawatha Highlands on Sunday, September 30, 2018 for Hiawatha Cross presented by the Sault Cycling Club.

11:00 am – Registration (Tent behind the Ice Cream Shop)

12:00 pm – Sport Division (45 Minutes)

1:15 pm – Kids’ Race (we will have multiple divisions based on turn out)

2:15 pm – Open Race (1 Hour)

The kids’ race will be a fun course within the confines of the main kinsmen park area. Sport and Open will be treated to a fun and challenging course featuring a mix of grass, double track, and some short single track. The course will feature the punchy undulations of the main 2km ski trail, and twisty, spectator-friendly section of the main park area.

Admission is free for Sault Cycling Club members. Memberships will be available for purchase at the registration tent. Membership fees are $30 for adults, $15 for children under 16, or $70 for families.


Thanks, Billy Wilson for the photos!

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