Gravel Season Closer Ride/Pub Night

It’s looking to be good weather, if a little cold, on Wednesday, Oct 2.  We’ll have our closing ride of the season which will end at Outspoken Brewing.

We will meet at 6:30pm at the disused school on Avery Rd and ride out to Red Rock then back, ending at the brewery.  Map: RideWithGPS.  If there is interest and there looks to be time, we can do a little teaser of one of a) north from Red Rock, b) Pebble Beach trail, or c) Red Rock to Goulais River ATV trail & logging road network.

There will be a C group option to ride as far as the windmills, which will include all the gravel but cut out some of the pavement and much of the climbing.

Bring lights and means to purchase celebratory beer.  We’re expecting a dry night and mild winds, but single-digit temperatures, so dress warm.

End of Season Gravel Ride Postponed

I know it’s not like me at all to postpone a ride due to weather, but I want to do the traditional end-of-season gravel ride (Red Rock and back ending at Outspoken) and feel like we’ll get more of a crowd out for it if we pick a day without lots of rain, so we won’t be holding it on Sep 25.

Stay tuned.  Our end of season celebration may not be on a Wednesday as we chase a good day in among the days of slowly worsening weather.  I’ll try to get the word out at least a couple days before the ride.

No gravel ride Sep 18

I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to host this Wednesday’s gravel ride as I have a whole bunch of bike wrenching to do before this weekend and no other time to do it.  Regular gravel rides will resume Sep 25 and I have a special treat for you all.  The roads we’ll ride that night, you won’t find on the map!

Gravel Wednesday – St. Joseph Island

For our second Wednesday, we’ll be riding out at St. Joseph Island.  Meet at the Jocelyn fairgrounds.  Map: Google

We’ll start at 7:30pm to give everyone time to get out there since it’s a bit further than we normally go to start a ride.  Please bring lights.  We’ll almost certainly be finishing at or after dusk.

Our route will involve some well-groomed gravel, some pavement, and some sandy sections.  Map: RideWithGPS

Shawn will be there to lead a C-group ride that cuts off a few kms, but keeps in the section that usually has raspberries!

Gravel Ride September 4th – Echo Bay

This week, we’ll be starting up Wednesday gravel!  Meet at Echo Bay School at 7pm.  We’ll do about 50km.  Definitely bring lights, we’ll likely be back at dusk or later.

For the first time ever, we’ll have a C-group option for gravel riding, so if you’re looking to ride at a very casual pace, Shawn will be there to lead a group out.

There are a couple torn up sections of pavement on Pioneer and Government roads, so we get some bonus gravel!