Grooming Report

For all things FAT BIKING, keep your eye on our grooming report on our website. We’ll be providing regular updates from our grooming activities at Hiawatha Highlands PLUS city wide fat bike trail updates as we receive them.

Check out “Where to Ride” for the many options for Fat Biking in the Sault.

*️⃣ If you’re out snowshoeing and/or packing the trails, be sure to let us know so we can add it to our daily grooming report!

Click here for our city wide grooming report!

Fat Biking!

We are happy to announce that grooming has officially started at Hiawatha Highlands and Crimson Ride for winter Fat Biking!! 🙌🏻  

Check out the links under “Where to Ride” for Fat Biking this winter on our main menu.