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c/o YMCA
235 McNabb Street
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 1Y3

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President Mark Santana
Past President Eric Eddy
Membership Director & Treasurer Megan Scott
Communications Director
Cindy Pruce
Anna Bushnell
Advocacy Director Andre Riopel
Trail Director
Peter Henry
Fat Bike Director Reg Peer
Mountain Bike Director Brian Blaney
Touring Director David Kochanowski
Road Director Shawn Pfister
Director at Large Daniel Brosemer
Director at Large
Danielle Anstess
Director at Large Ben Davey
Director at Large
Jeff Coutu
Director at Large Ben Warnock


The Sault Cycling Club’s “Bikes for Kids” program began in 2006 with an aim to encouraging more children and adults in our community to ride bikes. Through the program, we provide new bikes, helmets and locks to disadvantaged youth. We partner with the Soup Kitchen’s Brighter Beginnings Program to identify high priority children. At our annual Bikes for Kids event, held at the Soup Kitchen, club volunteers give away the new bikes, fit helmets, teach kids bike handling skills, and tune up bikes. By providing these kids with bikes, we we’re enabling them to ride and learn important cycling skills we hope they’ll use for life. In 2009 we’ll be giving away our 45th bike.

The club raises funds to buy gear through private and corporate donations as well as a variety of fundraising activities. Some of these activities, such as our women’s mountain bike workshops, mechanic workshops and yoga classes are bike-focused and further promote cycling in our community.

Trail Maintenance

Looking for more information about the trail care days and trail maintenance? Watch our website or contact the Trail Director.