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c/o YMCA
235 McNabb Street
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 1Y3

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President Mark Santana
Past President Eric Eddy
Touring Director David Kochanowski
Membership Director & Treasurer

Ngaire Roubal

Megan Scott

Fat Bike Director Reg Peer
Mountain Bike Director Brian Blaney
Road Director Shawn Pfister
Advocacy Director Andre Riopel
Director at Large Daniel Brosemer
Director at Large
Danielle Anstess
Director at Large Ben Davey
Director at Large
Jeff Coutu
Director at Large Ben Warnock
Secretary Anna Bushnell
Trail Director Peter Henry
Communications Director Cindy Pruce


The Sault Cycling Club’s “Bikes for Kids” program began in 2006 with an aim to encouraging more children and adults in our community to ride bikes. Through the program, we provide new bikes, helmets and locks to disadvantaged youth. We partner with the Soup Kitchen’s Brighter Beginnings Program to identify high priority children. At our annual Bikes for Kids event, held at the Soup Kitchen, club volunteers give away the new bikes, fit helmets, teach kids bike handling skills, and tune up bikes. By providing these kids with bikes, we we’re enabling them to ride and learn important cycling skills we hope they’ll use for life. In 2009 we’ll be giving away our 45th bike.

The club raises funds to buy gear through private and corporate donations as well as a variety of fundraising activities. Some of these activities, such as our women’s mountain bike workshops, mechanic workshops and yoga classes are bike-focused and further promote cycling in our community.

Trail Maintenance

Looking for more information about the trail care days and trail maintenance? Watch our website or contact the Trail Director.

Club History

The Sault Cycling Club as we have come to know and love today was founded August 11th in the year 1977 by Marcel Van Daele who remained President of the club from 1977 until 1981 with the club’s membership being the highest in Northeastern Ontario.

The club became affiliated with the Ontario & Canadian Cycling Association and went through a few different jersey colours, the first being green & white which were ordered from Belgium and then changing to red & white with today’s colours being red, blue and green.

At that time, the SCC was involved in many activities from annual friendship games to “inter-school cycling team” championships. These friendship games were between Saginaw, Mi. & Sault Ste. Marie and lasted 3 years. The “inter-school” championships competition had all high schools participating and lasted 5 years.

In 1979, the first national coaching clinic was held by Don Sutherland, the Canadian Cycling Association technical director which involved technical 1 and technical 2 level courses attended by three of our present day members, Marcel Van Daele, Hans Metzen and Fred Severin. Also, in 1982, a Centennial fitness test was held to commemorate “100 years of cycling.” All age groups from 10 to 60 years participated at Hiawatha for a 5 km total fitness test.

The club also participated in many tours, a favourite was a three day tour to Mackinac Island which attracted riders from as far as Ottawa with as many as 86 tourists. Also during the 80’s, riders would enter in 15 km time trials at the Airways where they would compete for points in sprints, pursuits, miss & out, point race and Madison (team of 2 riders) which were well attending and great fun.

To raise money for club events, annual chocolate bar sales came into effect in 1986 raising anywhere from $500 to $1,000. These funds were used to offset club members traveling costs to regional events.

The newsletter started by Marcel Van Daele in 1978 is still being published today. In 1981, the club won the 1rst O.C.A. President Newsletter Award (editor Marcel) with help from Leona Carnigoy who took over newsletter in 1986. For many years the newsletter gained sponsors from as far as Woodstock, Traverse City and Sault Michigan.

All info by Marcel Van Daele, condensed by Jan Lefave.