2017 Road Calendar

Road Skills Clinic

Our skills clinic will take place on three nights.  These will be progressive and new riders will benefit from attending all three.  You can find details on our Road Skills page.  Please attend at least one day of the clinic, but preferably all three prior to joining our Wednesday Night Rides if you are new to group riding.

Riders will require a functioning road bike, helmet and SCC Membership.

Volunteers wanted:  If you’ve been road riding for a number of years and would be interested in helping people get in to the sport, please contact Daniel Brosemer <dan@brosemer.org>.

Wednesday Night Rides

Starting April 12, we hope to continue through September 6th.  The openers will be at the pace of the previous seasons’ B-group and starting with the first event and the second location, we’ll be changing the formats to make things interesting for riders at any pace.  All you need to ride is a functioning bike, a helmet, and an SCC membership!

Volunteers wanted:  Road captains needed for each of the A, B, and C groups, please contact Daniel Brosemer <dan@brosemer.org> if you are interested in leading any of these groups on any of the below nights.

These rides will take place in four locations and depart at 6:30pm unless advertised otherwise:


  1. Apr 12: Social from McMeeken Arena
  2. Apr 19: Social from McMeeken Arena
  3. Apr 26: Social from McMeeken Arena
  4. May 3:  Goulais Ave Hill Climb – see Events


  1. May 10: Social Out/Back from Aweres school including the Hwy 552 hill.  3 groups based on pace.  Welcome new riders out of the Skills Clinic.
  2. May 17: Sprint/Regroup including the Hwy 552 hill.
  3. May 24: Hill Repeats.  A & B groups: Bellevue Valley & Hwy 556 climbs.  C Group: Hwy 552 climb.
  4. May 31: Hwy 552 Hill Climb – see Events


  1. Jun 7: Sprint/Regroup with hills (Laird, Ford, Hwy 638).
  2. Jun 14: Points laps
  3. Jun 21: Sprint/Regroup mostly flat
  4. Jun 28: Wednesday night worlds
  5. Jul 5: Event TBD

St. Joseph Island

  1. Jul 12: Sprint/Regroup with hills
  2. Jul 19: Points laps
  3. Jul 26: Sprint/Regroup mostly flat
  4. Aug 2: Wednesday night worlds
  5. Aug 9: Donut Derby – see Events

Gravel Season

  1. Aug 16 and beyond: Break out your gravel bikes – it’s time to get dirty.  These will be social, no-drop rides which may include a stop or two for refreshments.

Women’s Road Ride

This season the Sault Cycling Club will be offering women’s road rides.

These will be no drop rides that also have some focus on skills development. Riders are expected to have some experience riding in a group.

Routes TBD. See Calendar for dates and meeting areas.

Riders will require a functioning road bike, helmet and SCC Membership.

Volunteers wanted: If you’ve been road riding for a number of years, love bikes and would be interested in helping, please contact Daniel Brosemer <dan@brosemer.org> or Erin Ratelle <erin_r@hotmail.com>.

Contact Erin <erin_r@hotmail.com> or Daniel <dan@brosemer.org> if you have questions or for additional details!

Hope to see you there!


City-West: Goulais Ave Hill Climb – May 3

Beginning at McMeeken Arena and ending at Camp Korah, this climb averages 4%, but don’t let that fool you.  It has two solid kicks near the end that both hit over 15%.  This is around an 8min climb for the fittest riders and everyone can enjoy this test.  No group skills needed here, it’s a solo effort.  All bikes and riders welcome (I’ve even done it on a fat bike!).  The whole course isn’t in a Strava segment, but the climbiest bit is:  Strava

North: 552 Hill Climb – May 31

Much milder than Goulais Ave, this hill averages 3% grade and  doesn’t really stray far from that except one short section around 7%.  This might be the time to bring out your single-speed bikes.  The fittest riders should be proud of a 10-11min time.  Like with Goulais Ave, this won’t require group skills or any specific bike.  Just come out, test your fitness, and have fun!  Strava

East: TBD – Jul 5

St. Joseph Island: Donut Derby – Aug 9

The course is yet to be finalized, but I’m looking for somewhere with a very short loop that’s a little bit technical.  The format will be just like the points laps from Jun 14 and Jul 19, with one exception.  At the start of every lap, you have the opportunity to wolf down as many donuts as you can.  Each donut is worth points, but be careful, throwing up is a disqualification!  Points for finishing laps, finishing order, and donuts eaten to be determined.

Race-effort Saturdays

To keep us in shape and satisfy those of us who want to suffer and make each other suffer, we’ll do a long Saturday ride at race-pace.  These will be 100-160km and take place on a route where you’ll find enjoyment even if you get dropped.  Pack your best legs and come prepared to dish out some pain.

  1. May 27 – Route/location TBD
  2. Jul 15 – Route/location TBD